The 7 Commandments of a Glamour Girl

As I was starting this blog, I knew that I wanted to cater to a very specific audience but didn’t know how to describe them. I didn’t want to leave anyone out or make anyone feel like this blog wasn’t for them because they didn’t fit an attribute of a Glamour Girl.


What is a “Glamour Girl”?

Well, since my blog is Life on Glam Street, it only made sense that the people who read my blog would be “Glamour Girls” (or “Glamour Guys”!). Being a Glamour Girl isn’t about spending hours on your hair and makeup every morning and trudging around in stilettos wherever you go. No, being a Glamour Girl is about being glamourous in your daily life and presenting the best version of yourself.


The 7 Commandments

Anyone can be a Glamour Girl, and being a Glamour Girl might look different to everyone. Here are the 7 things any Glamour Girl should strive to do (and you’ll notice that none of them are rigid or set in stone – being a Glamour Girl is a process, not a destination!)


She takes care of herself so she can help others

A Glamour Girl knows that she can’t do her best work unless she’s taking care of herself. Whether that means saying “no” to things she doesn’t have time for, taking a nice hot bath, or going to the gym, a Glamour Girl knows the importance of self care.


She unabashedly loves her passions

A Glamour Girl has her own unique interests, and isn’t afraid to share them with the world! She isn’t ashamed if she likes something stereotypically girly, or stereotypically “not for girls”, she proudly shows off her knowledge and skills.


She strives to look and feel her best

No matter what makes her feel like the confident bad*ss she is, a Glamour Girl wears what makes her feel great about herself and makes sure to eat well so she can do her best work. She takes care of her body and isn’t stingy on doing more of what makes her feel confident.


She never stops learning

Even though she might not be in school anymore, a Glamour Girl’s day isn’t complete until she’s learned something new that interests her. She seeks out opportunities to grow, both within her field and through hobbies that interest her.


She always tries to spread sunshine wherever she goes

A Glamour Girl knows that life is too short to hold back on telling someone something you like about them, or bringing flowers in for her desk. She loves brightening everyone’s day, and is always ready to lend someone a hand or give them a smile.


She revels in her own independence

While a Glamour Girl might love being in her relationship, she isn’t clingy or dependent on her significant other. She enjoys doing things for herself, achieving things by herself, and being in charge of her own destiny.


She shows quiet self confidence

A Glamour Girl isn’t shy to make her opinion known, and believes in herself. Even if she’s a bit timid, she has an aura of self confidence that surrounds her.



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