The 7 Commandments of a Glamour Girl

As I was starting this blog, I knew that I wanted to cater to a very specific audience but didn’t know how to describe them. I didn’t want to leave anyone out…

I Never Thought I’d Buy a New Car

For pretty much my entire life, I’ve only been driving by myself since September of 2017, but I’ve been through 2 cars in that short time and am now on my third. After all the problems I’ve had with cars from September 2017 to when I finally bought my new car in April 2018, it’s no wonder I went new. Are you ready for a good story?

The Casual Workplace Challenge

When I first started working at a SaaS technology company, I was floored by how chill everything was. Jeans in the office were the norm, but I realized after 2 years of dressing down, I had stopped dressing up ever. So I gave myself a week-long challenge to dress nice to the office… no jeans allowed!

Diagnosing Burnout as a Busy Overachiever

I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to have a ton of things going on, but that meant that I was very susceptible to burnout. Here’s how I identify when I’m getting burnt out, and what I do to help stop it.

The Ugly Side of Side Hustles

I’m a big believer in side hustles and doing what you love. But not enough people are talking about the toll it can take on your mental health and how the “hustle life” isn’t for everyone.

4 Skills to Learn in 2019

One of the biggest changes in the industry is that people are increasingly supposed to know everything. Here are 4 interesting and valuable skills to learn in 2019.